Sunday, April 8, 2012

That's What I Thought

To all the guys who think romance is simply treating a girl to an upscale evening:

You're wrong.

You don't need to be just like a Disney movie; it's not realistic. Being romantic can be something as little as leaving a flower on her pillow before you leave for work in the morning or holding her hand when you're out in public. Anything that is personal to her qualifies; anything that shows you actually put thought into it.

Sure, we'd still appreciate going out to a fancy dinner, but try this: purchase a bottle of wine, dress up and take her to a picnic. Light some candles. Do it outside and project a movie on the wall or read her a book. It's just as elegant but means more because you had to create the surrounding and not just pay for someone else to do it. If we went to fancy restaurants all the time, they would mean less and less every time you took us.

You know what else is romantic? Being a gentleman. Using the excuse, "I just wasn't raised that way" doesn't cut it. If you can say that, then you realize that you aren't trying. You are capable of being nice to women without having someone teach you to do so. I'm sure Google has multiple pages on being a gentleman. Open/close her car door for her, walk her to where ever she's going, lend a hand when necessary (both figuratively and actually). It's not very difficult.

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