Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Brain Is On Adderall

I have so much on my mind and so much I want to share with you guys but I've been bottling up my thoughts for days now. It's become a winter vortex here in Chicago and it's pushed me back and forth between a state of depression and absolute delirium. I feel inspired now because in the midst of my hibernation I've reconnected with a few old friends, and I've made a couple new ones as well who are like-minded and it's comforting.

A few weeks ago I began reading a book called "Classic Asian Philosophy" by Joel Kupperman; It was a hand-me-down from my room mate and I can't put it down. The first chapter or two are all about The Upanishads, which before now I knew little to nothing about. To put it bluntly, the book has blown my mind. I've learned the difference between "joy" and "pleasure" and I've been made aware that everything we know is exactly the same when you take away It's personality or the quantity. It's given me such a more peaceful outlook on life and I feel less anxious in my chaotic world.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've realized that basically all of my plans are not relevant anymore. I have a new outlook and I have become more aware of what it is I really want in life and I was making it so complicated -- Life should be simple.

Also, this meditation video I found is seriously the best I've come across so far. I highly recommend trying it if you're a beginner. It's very slow and has little direction, which I like. Just keep yourself open minded and sit comfortably:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Thursday In My Head

"What's your greatest fear?"

It's a common question asked on first dates, classroom orientations, job interviews... I asked myself this question this morning and after much thinking, I've chosen happiness  and I'll explain why.

When you've reached complete happiness, that's when you have the most to lose. Happiness is scary because its ever changing and it isn't forever. You never want it to end but you know that at any given moment, you can lose that feeling and it's scary.

I don't mean for that to sound so morbid but it's just a reminder that nothing is set and stone and so it's important to live out every moment to the fullest and like its your last. It irks me to no end when I hear people use the excuse, "I have time. I'll do it next week, month, etc" when pushing something off. Time moves so quickly; why wait?

"Take me to a place where time doesn't exist, 
Where we don't speak because everyone listens,
Only there will I understand what I now may know"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Free People Love Stories

So I was just scanning through the Free People blog and I came across a new edition entitled: Free People Love Stories. I don't know how many they will be posting or if there are others, but this one in particular spoke to me because this couple is basically a real life version of... My dream partnership I guess? They just travel together and live so simply.

Anyway here's the video from the website and I strongly encourage you to read the story that accompanies it as well; It's really inspiring. Enjoy! :-)

Friday, January 10, 2014

TGIF And I'm At Home

It's a Friday night in the city -- I'm young, I'm employed, I'm loved; what better way to spend my evening than rolling up in my favorite blanket with my laptop, a bowl of ice cream and my roommate Brittany, fantasizing about being financially stable?

It got me to thinking about what I would actually do if I all of a sudden came upon a large sum of money. Would I use it responsibly?

Here's what I'd do, in order of importance:

  • Find a sick vacation deal online and invite a few close friends
  • Pay on the spot for said trip
  • Write a check for mine and Brittany's rent for the remainder of our lease
  • Browse for a better apartment in the south loop
  • Call my parents and tell them I'm sending my brothers to private school 
  • Lay down in bed for a couple hours and not sleep because I'm way too excited
  • Get up, get ready and take an Uber SUV to breakfast 
  • Call about my student loans and pay those off
  • Laugh for 10 minutes after hearing the shock in their voice when I say I'm paying thousands out of pocket
  • Take my cat, in an Uber SUV, to finally get fixed and get the rest of her shots
  • Pick up that guy I like and tell him we're going on a stay-cation and not to work
  • Order Champagne and waffles via room service
  • Sleep in until noon
  • Renew my passport for the friend vacation
  • Plan accordingly
What would you do?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You're Just A Boy And I Have Galaxies Growing Inside Me

I've got some new photos back from a Free People Inspired shoot I did for Coco Indie Mag! Photography by Mark Reyes. Styling by Krystell Barraza.

Wanderlust Project

Alright, friends. I apologize for not having written in a while -- I've been so busy with the holiday madness that I've hardly had time for myself. 
I've been doing a lot of thinking the last couple of days, however, and I've decided to finally start the project I've been wanting to do. 

Here's the gist of it: 
It involves a videographer/photographer, myself obviously, traveling for an extended period of time, adventure. I'm thinking of putting together a Kickstarter to help fund the trip as well.

That's just the basic layout of course. I want this project to mutually beneficial for all parties involved so I want to brainstorm with a few people and see what we can pull together, whether it be a photo book or a web series... Maybe a combination of the two.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in taking a journey with me or if you have any recommendations/ideas feel free to comment below or send me an email. It would be greatly appreciated!