Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giving Thanks

I realized today that I spend so much time wishing and wanting that I forget to take the time to give thanks for all the things I do have. One of my good friends mentioned to me the other day that he was jealous of how exciting my life is, and I just replied, "My life is exciting?"
I've done more things and met more people than I ever dreamed to just since I graduated high school so I aught to give thanks to at least a few of the things.

Here's a list with just a small amount of the things I'm thankful for just in the past year:

I'm thankful for my roommates. This is the first time I've not only gotten along with my roommates, but also consider them to be my best friends. They always have my back and it's definitely never a dull moment with them around. No matter where we all end up in the future, I hope we stay in touch for a very long time.

I'm thankful for the talented people I've gotten the chance to worth with recently. As in a hurry as I am to work with the "big designers" I'm proud to have gotten a chance to connect with all the other up-and-comers here in Chicago and help them on their journey to the top. True connections go a long way. 

I'm thankful for food. Come on, you know it had to be on my list. I have been to so many new restaurants and markets this year, I've made my taste buds the happiest of all.

I'm thankful for my family. We aren't the closest knit bunch, but I strive to be the best I can be for my younger siblings because I know they look up to me and I strive to prove to my parents that I'm no fool (Billy Madison reference, anyone?).

Monday, December 9, 2013

Caught In The Trees

I'm currently sitting in the library of a school that isn't mine -- I came here to do my homework but as usual, I've gotten side-tracked dreaming about traveling.
I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to travel without having a large amount of funds. The only thing I want to do is travel. I don't care about school right now, or my job, I just want to see the world.
I have probably 12345678990892345 posts on my blog about how I don't travel enough and I  know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. I have plans set in motion and I know it will work out, I just really need to learn to have some patience.

My time will come. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Unwoven Light

It's becoming more and more apparent how much I hate conformity. In my class today I had to take a "career planning quiz" to give myself ideas for career choices and as I thought about my short and long term goals combined my major I once again realized that I hate career goals.
I want to learn but I don't see the point in forcing myself to attend specific classes just to gain a piece of paper that says I paid a large sum of money in order to seem intelligent. I feel that I learn much better by doing versus whatever it is I do in school. I'm not saying I'm going to quit, because whether I like it or not, I am still an American and I still live in a civilization where life is made easier for people who obtain a degree. I know that if I do actually manage to live out my fantasy of living in a van as a nomad then I will live a very lonely life.

Decisions, decisions...

Friday, November 1, 2013

East of Eden

Hey guys, check out this video I did for Mauvais! It's been a long wait but it's finally here!

Though I may wonder far away from where I began, from the place where I find peace, from the place I call home. I am never alone. Though trials may come my way, and death awaits me, I am never afraid. For it is you who always finds me and leads me home. East of Eden. - grĂ¢ce te suffit. 

East of Eden (a film by Mauvais) from Mauvais on Vimeo.

Model: Alexandra Pinheiro
HMU: Chelsea Blair
Creative director: Brian Christpher

Monday, October 14, 2013

Great News!

I'm back in Chicago and I can finally share my photo from last month's issue of Dark Beauty Magazine, issue 24 page 150:

Photo credit: Vismaya Vijayraj

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Highlights From My Trip So Far

Hey everyone! I know it's been a few days since I've posted and it's because I'm on tour for modeling. To keep you updated, here's a few photo's I've taken on the trip:

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with every detail of my trip and photo shoots/shows: @pinheiro_alexa

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hookup Culture According To Twenty-Somethings

By definition (via Wiki), "the hookup culture" is one that accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure without necessarily including emotional bonding. It is also referred to by the media as moral panic.
If I had to self-define a hookup it would be in the same manner that every other twenty-something I know would describe it as: I met this attractive person who could, for one time only, cure my sexual frustration without an added emotional attachment. What more do I need?
In modern times (at least in America) it's becoming increasingly popular for college students, or simply that age group, to engage in hookups or casual dating instead of actual relationships. I've recently hopped on the Tinder bandwagon (against previous wishes) because I'm starting to realize that maybe meeting people online isn't the work of the devil, when done safely. For those of you who live in a hole in the ground and haven't gotten the Tinder app, it's for matchmaking, but does it in a different way than other apps. It's connected to your Facebook account, not to release any information, but it pulls your friends and interests so you know before you even talk to someone how much you have in common. This, of course, only works if you actually update your Facebook. Tinder, otherwise, will be quite the superficial experience for you as you simply swipe left for "yes" or right for "no" based on people's physical appearances. Only if they find you attractive as well can you actually communicate.

Feel free to share your Tinder stories via the comment section or by email. I'd love to hear and maybe it'll give me some guts to actually meet someone. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Casting Call

So, here's the deal. I'm going to live in a van for a while and road trip and the only good way I can think of to make money is sell stuff at farmers markets on the way or sell crafts online. 

Anyway, who wants to join me? 

I'm super fed up with my life right now and just need to stop working my dead end job. 

That is all. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey, I'm In A Video

From The Waves from Ryan Scott Solava on Vimeo.

Check out the images and story on Ryan's website!

Ballad To The One I Haven't Met Yet

Ballad To The One I Haven't Met Yet (Or maybe I have?)

Growing up, I thought it was normal to have an idea of "the perfect boy" and to have a list of the perfect characteristics of that person and a tucked away file in your head of how every perfect moment would play out. So I got a little older, dated some not so perfect people and decided, "You know what? There's no such thing as perfect. You just have to learn to deal." So then I dated some more not so perfect people and was totally OK with it for a while because I didn't want to over-react.
I've recently revisited the idea of having a list -- As correct as I was about there not being a perfect someone out there, I was missing the fact that there is, however, a certain way I deserve to be treated and a certain amount of "deal breakers" that I simply cannot look past.
So here's to you, kid; whoever you are:
I will spend a lifetime getting to know the ins and outs of you, but I do know that you love me for me and never want to change a hair on my head. You share my passion of traveling and meeting new people because you are so open-minded and we feed off of each others good karma. We make a good team because neither of us like to make plans -- The only plan we need is happiness and the definition of that will change as we grow older and wiser together. Our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other in such a unique way that it will be considered an art form in our eyes. We don't need a home because the only home we need is simply wherever we are together. We practice patience and appreciation for what the world puts forth naturally and give it back like it's our job. We fill each others sorrows with our words because we know that our spirits are strong. We never fear death because each day is to be lived to the fullest extent possible and we never forget to explore both our surroundings and our minds.
 Until then, keep on as you have been and I'll do the same. I expect that I'll have some sort of feeling when I meet you that will match the same feeling you're having. I know that life isn't a Disney movie but there is some magic in all of us, right? For all I know I see you every day and I'm just not ready to accept it yet.

So see ya around I guess?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spoiler Alert

I went and saw The Spectacular Now last night with two of my friends and I've been in such a weird mood ever since.
It was a phenomenal film, I definitely recommend seeing it, but it just hit me so close to home; not only with the main character's family issues but with his internal emotional issues as well. 
In the movie he keeps searching for the answer to a generic college essay question, "describe a hardship you've had to overcome, etc" and he really struggled with it because he realizes that the hardship he's facing is himself. 
I didn't have to answer that question when applying for school, but if I did that would definitely be my answer as well.
I am my life's biggest hardship. I am the thing standing in the way of my own happiness.
I guess I feel like I'm the guy from the Into the Wild story except in the end he realized that life is about who you share it with but I feel like I need to find a way to be happy with myself first because if I'm only happy because of a person I'm with, I will be miserable and lost when they're gone and I don't want to be that weak.
I know that if I find myself questioning if I'm happy or not, it means I'm probably not... The only time I don't think about it is if I'm traveling or if I immerse myself in the daily grind (work, pay bills, sleep, work, pay bills, sleep) and so I don't have time to think about my feelings, which isn't healthy either. I'm just always watching my life through someone else's eyes, waiting for my turn to live it. I need to find a way to get to that point.
I might sound crazy, but I know I can't be the only person going through this if theres a damn movie about it that I just saw. Clearly whoever wrote The Spectacular Now knows whats up.

Photo by yours truly.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Things Everyone Does When Falling In Love

So you've met "the one" and he/she's somehow different than the 20 other "the one's" before them, right? You tell yourself you've never ever felt this way before (yadda yadda) but let's get real; you're doing the same generic moves that you and every hopeless romantic before you has done.

You act like they're not a big deal
Your best friend see's you the day after your big date and asks how how it went. You reply with, "Oh, you mean the hang-out with whatshisface? It was pretty cool I guess".

You check your zodiac compatibility
Seriously, you can't mess with the universe. Nothing says, "delusional love-at-first-sight" like a good horoscope match.   

Social network profile stalking
So you've already established that they're your soul mate, so now you just need a daily reminder that they're just so good looking.

You crawl in to a love-cocoon phase
Think I just made that up? I did, but it doesn't make it any less true. A love-cocoon is what you call the scenario where everyone you know is leaving you voice mails and texts and they finally find you rolled up with whatshisface (has it really been 13 hours?) just watching tv and eating pizza in bed. What's more important than that? Going to work?

Filling your journal with pages about them
Oh man, we just had the best date ever; I must write every detail down so that I don't forget! (as if that would ever happen).  

Staying up all night
All of a sudden you're so pumped about being in love you can't get them out of your mind and every day you see them feels like Christmas and they're the gift you begged your parents for all year, then every time you close your eyes you hear Aerosmith singing "And I don't wanna miss a thingggg". Amirite?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

These Eyes Wander

I've been taking part in a lot of doing and a lot of thinking lately, but when it comes to just simply being I become increasingly aware that I don't fit into this life I'm living.
By that I mean that I don't see myself as a part of the puzzle that is the day-to-day life so many people I know are living. It's a constant rat-race; a constant struggle and need to one-up the person sitting next to you. It's everyone thinking that the goal of life is to fit into this mold that is our current society.
It would be a shame to give up my dream of modeling, but I sometimes think I would be much happier living out my other dream: being completely free. I simply want to exist. I don't want to call one specific place home and I don't want any specific sort of career. I want to drift with the wind and meet so many people and go so many places, even if that means doing it alone.
When I tell my friends and family this, most of them ask questions like, "You don't ever want to 'settle down'?" or "What about college?".
To answer the first question: I suppose I would like to settle down in a sense if I met the right person. The problem is, not to sound cynical, I can't imagine that there is a person out there who could truly handle myself and my lifestyle.
To answer the second: I don't need a piece of paper that says I sat through four years of lectures to be considered intelligent.

Anyway, I'm thinking about putting together a trip (to nowhere in particular) and if anyone would like to join me or throw out ideas please feel free to send me an email or comment below.

Photo by myself

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Graduate Schmaduate

I really need to start audio-recording all of my thoughts - I'm always thinking, "oh that would be a good blog post discussion" while I'm on the train or at work, and then as soon as I get home I can't remember what it was I wanted to write about. 
However, I did want to rant a little about how society has me wrapped around its little finger and its getting really old. I tried to do the "normal kid" thing and go to college but now I'm so in debt from going one semester that I can't afford to continue. I mean, is it really worth it? 
In my opinion, people learn so much more by doing rather than paying thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that says they are more hirable than a person who didn't attend lectures for 4 years and drink their face off at frat parties. 
Now I'm not knocking on college grads, I'm just frustrated by how impossible America makes it to move up in society. 
I just want to drop out of my current life and travel like I used to. I was much happier eating ramen noodles and living at camp sites. 

Rant over. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Permanent Vacation

Heavy suitcases leave an unwavering sorrow
The wheels shutter against the ground like wings made of rubber and iron rod
It's zippers fly like whispering secrets of yesterday's remorse 
My tired hands long to loosen their grip as steady waterfalls pool beneath my trembling chin
Unable to let go, empty sockets between my fingers entangle strands of forget-me-knots and I drift into a sea of dreams
If time machines replaced telephones, would we learn to fly? 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Krystell Barraza Designs

Sneak peek at my shoot for Krystell Barraza - photos by Peter Kulak.

More to come soon!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Alex Moog Photography

I recently did a shoot with one of my friends for his photography final at Columbia College Chicago. He's so professional in his work and even does his own HMU! Check out a couple of his photos:

Also an Instagram of his fabulous makeup! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Instagrams and Interviews

First off, you guys should follow me on Instagram because I post on there way more than I do on here.

Second, I have an interview at Free People tomorrow and I'm still waiting to find out about the dates for my New York trip. I'll post tomorrow with good news!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Yesterday's Shoot

 Some behind-the-scenes photos from my shoot yesterday for Raya Hanon swimwear (