Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hookup Culture According To Twenty-Somethings

By definition (via Wiki), "the hookup culture" is one that accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure without necessarily including emotional bonding. It is also referred to by the media as moral panic.
If I had to self-define a hookup it would be in the same manner that every other twenty-something I know would describe it as: I met this attractive person who could, for one time only, cure my sexual frustration without an added emotional attachment. What more do I need?
In modern times (at least in America) it's becoming increasingly popular for college students, or simply that age group, to engage in hookups or casual dating instead of actual relationships. I've recently hopped on the Tinder bandwagon (against previous wishes) because I'm starting to realize that maybe meeting people online isn't the work of the devil, when done safely. For those of you who live in a hole in the ground and haven't gotten the Tinder app, it's for matchmaking, but does it in a different way than other apps. It's connected to your Facebook account, not to release any information, but it pulls your friends and interests so you know before you even talk to someone how much you have in common. This, of course, only works if you actually update your Facebook. Tinder, otherwise, will be quite the superficial experience for you as you simply swipe left for "yes" or right for "no" based on people's physical appearances. Only if they find you attractive as well can you actually communicate.

Feel free to share your Tinder stories via the comment section or by email. I'd love to hear and maybe it'll give me some guts to actually meet someone. 

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