Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life Isn't Just A Board Game

I've been toying around with the idea that only the truly selfish can be successful in their careers. Now before you judge me, just think about it; If other people occupy your time, specifically in a romantic manner, your head is likely to be occupying about a thousand other thoughts aside from ones that are career oriented.

From personal experience (and some people watching) I can honestly say that love is so powerful that it can literally make you crazy. It can make you neglect your work or sometimes make rash decisions. What I can't decide though is if it's more important to have a successful career or a successful relationship and is it possible to have both? It seems like having the career AND the guy is never an option, especially for one in my position.

Having a career in the arts is just as bad as having an office job, in my opinion. They're both jobs that, in order to advance, takes 100% of your time and effort -- Time and effort that is just too much to put into two places at once.

With that being said, I've been trying to be more selfish in my career and its proven extremely effective so far. I've been getting so much work and getting so good at marketing myself that my level of opportunity is essentially limitless in this moment. I feel so happy in that sense, but I'm also becoming increasingly aware of how very alone I am. I don't have time (or rather don't want to make the time) to become attached to anyone outside of the industry so that nothing is in my way and nothing can change my mind.

I realize this seems a little extreme, but I know myself and the rash decisions I can make. I've been known to straight up quit a job for someone before and move across the country because I thought they were more important, and it always bites me in the butt. I think the real issue is that I've always strived to follow that little piece of advice they give you in elementary school: "treat others the way you want to be treated", only I find that I am VERY rarely treated the way I want to be treated. Perhaps I set my standards too high...

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  1. Wow Alexandra, another deeply insightful post. I struggle with this same concept. It seems tragic at first, that someone is deliberately choosing to forego social relationships in favor of their careers. After all, humans are social creatures, with a deep need for interaction. However, I too find myself struggling with this balancing act of progressing in my career versus spending more time in the social scene. At my age, 26, I feel an invisible hand encouraging me to meet as many guy friends and girls as possible, and yet at my core, what I really want is to travel, explore, write, and express. My question is, "Is it possible to have a relationship with someone that is rewarding, but doesn't require the time-intensive nature of most serious relationships?"