Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just One Cheezy Post

What is love? I don't mean that feeling you get in your stomach when they smile or the way they tuck their shirt in the wrong way but it's just so adorable. I mean the kind of love that, I hate to say, most people never get to experience. There is a solid difference between loving someone and being in love with someone and I think I'm so lucky to have experienced both and to know what the difference is. 

I'm not claiming to be this professional "love guru" or that you should take anything I say seriously but I just think that the description of truly loving someone is beautiful. When you love someone, I mean truly love them, It's like when they walk by a park they're the reason the grass grows there... They don't know it but it's true. They're the reason you somehow get enough oxygen everyday and the reason that the sun shines the way it does. To you, they're the only reason that the planets are still aligned and the only reason gravity still exists. Every beautiful word that falls out of their mouth is like your favorite song on repeat and you don't care if it ever stops. You would call off work to hear this song and you would stop eating to hear this song and you think that's completely normal because love is a disease... The best damn disease you could ever hope to catch.

It's not something that I believe lasts forever or something that you can really accurately describe to someone, but the point is just that there is a difference... And also that I can't end a blog post properly for shit.  

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