Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reasons Why Modeling Is The Least Glamorous Job. Ever.

Your bank account is perpetually in the negative

Yeah, some of your jobs pay a lot but you also owe your agency money that you haven't even made yet because of that one time they flew you to France or when they paid for your first photo shoot. The only thing that kind of makes up for it is all the free swag you collect and bottle service at all the clubs. 

Forget having a relationship 

Picture this: You and your boyfriend/girlfriend are having a great time celebrating your one year anniversary. You're at the park having a picnic and discussing your exciting vacation plans when your phone rings; It's your agent telling you that you have this really exciting job offer on Mars and have to leave tomorrow morning. Well now what? 

Living arrangements resemble a cross between the Black Market and your college dorm

When you see a model's Twitter update that says something like: "Flying to Barcelona this morning for this really amazing fashion show you'll never get to go to #yolo" you usually assume she's flying first class and ordering room service every day of the trip. The harsh reality is (most of the time) you're basically staying in a hostel just for models. There's a shared room with 2-4 girls on bunk beds covered in Fossil bags, 7 inch heels and whatever latest diet fad can be diluted in a glass of water.

Everyone wants you to burn in a fire 

Not literally (I hope) but the competition is real. There is no such thing as having model BBF's... Not really anyway. Also, can we discuss the snoodiness that goes on a fashion shows? Literally everyone in the industry hates you, except for that one time you shared your diet Coke with Lisa. 

Body images are always changing 

One year it will be size 2, blond and tight lips and the next its size 00, afro and bushy eye brows.  How can anyone expect to keep up with that? When they say a model has to be a chameleon, they mean it. 

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  1. Sounds like a lot of sacrifice for a career that sound very glamorous from outside, so what would your advice to be for those who wanted to pursue modeling as career?