Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Madison Square Park

I heard a quote yesterday that said a writer has experienced enough in their life by the time they're 20 to last a lifetime. While that may be true, I feel that now I am a different person entirely and should write in my current mindset, right?

This quote either doesn't resonate with me because I am in complete and utter denial of the last 21 years of my life, or I am not a writer of any sort and I'm nothing but an asshole with a notebook on a bench in Madison Square Park.

My headphones play the sound of my favorite song. 
They play the sound of rustling leaves on the busy sidewalk. 
They play the sound of lovers holding hands in the park. 
In the streets behind me, my headphones play a sweet lullaby sung from car engines and bicycles whirring. 
As the city hums this sweet tune, I stay here recording it's thoughts. 
For the city is much wiser than I and my headphones are my seeing eye. 

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