Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Second Class America

I normally wouldn't post something so personal and forward, but I feel that this is an important topic. 
This is how my night started: I'm slightly intoxicated, heading from a local bar to a pizza pub, I'm waiting in line with two of my close friends (both male) when a man walks in and starts to molest me in front of everyone. His arms are wrapped around my body so tight I can't move; One hand on my breast and another on my groin. His lips press against any part of skin he can find all while I'm waiting in line for a slice of pizza. No one does anything. Everyone stared at me as I looked at them in horror and tried to break free. 
The only "justice" I recieved was a box of free pizza and a shot of whiskey. 
Later on, my friend looks at me and says " I don't know why women expect equality when they get so upset about getting fondled in public. I wouldn't be upset about it".

Please hold my hair while I vomit the fires of hell.

What is wrong with men? Not all men, obviously, but at least the bunch I saw tonight. I'm not fighting for equality right now, though it's a subject of great importance, I'm simply stating that if a human is being attacked by another human you help them. Man or woman. 
I've never been so angry and so hurt... Luckily another woman stepped up and helped me. 

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