Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Ranting

I like how when you have an injury people treat you like you have the plague. So, I have a severe burn on my knee, not a big deal, right? I guess not, because everywhere I've gone the last couple days no one will look me in the eye or talk to me. No one will even sit by me on the bus. Also, I've had my Christmas party planned for two months and this douche decided to plan a show on the same day and everyone thinks i'm a bitch for not going and being supportive. Uh, hello! I'm the one who made it in advance, not the week before! Have some class. 

Burnt knee limitations:
  • Can't stand.
  • Can't walk.
  • Can't put on pants.
  • Can't move my leg.
  • Can't bathe easily.
  • Can't go in public.
  • Can't think of a good excuse for why it's there.
  • If I work tomorrow I will die.
  • Fuck my life.
  • I need to see a doctor.

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