Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time For A Change

So, I realize that I haven't posted a while, particularly on my terrible dating skills and there's a reason for that. One of my dates actually went well and I'm stickin' with it. I also realize that no one wants to read about how good someone's love life is, so that's out.
New Year's Resolution #2 (would be #3 if #1 wasn't cancelled): Don't be a pussy. Be as straight up as possible.
I'm usually a no bullshit person. I tell people what I think about them no matter what. I'm not afraid to hurt other people's feelings; I am however afraid to hurt my own feelings. Well not anymore. That's just going to hold me back from what I want, and from my other resolution to not do anything that doesn't make me happy. Sometimes to have to take risks to get what you want.
Also, I think I'm going to start writing again. I want to actually finish a novel. I'm gonna start fresh and actually finish it. I never finish anything. I'm gonna do work! Done.
This year's gonna be great.
Now, 2012 is apparently supposed to be our last year so I decided to do some research on that, just out of curiosity. Here's what I found:

  • The last official day is December 21, 2012. So we have a year, 2 days and about 8.5 hours left.
  • According to Hindu cosmology, December 21st represents "the age of darkness" or "Kali Yuga". What this means is that, in their culture, there is an imbalance in the three forces of God: Brahma (creative), Vishnu (protective) and Mahesh (destructive). The balance has apparently tilted 75% in favor of the Mahesh. The Mahesh force cannot reach over 75% or there will be a total imbalance, which will be reached by December 21st. In their minds, it is man alone that caused this damage, therefor will take out their own during a predicted World War 3. Mankind will survive, but according to the Hindu, will never be like it is now. There will be a new beginning. 
  • Salt Lake Tribune posted an article not too long ago regarding a Mayan tablet found in the Tortuguero in the Gulf coast state in Tobasco. They also referenced a new finding; a brick found at the Comalcalco. The text translates to "he will descend from the sky"; the date translating also to December 21, 2012. 
  • According to WLKY (Louisville, Kentucky), the damage has already begun; the floods in Mississippi, the tsunami in Japan, the worst outbreak of tornadoes in over 50 years. Relating to the Mayan calendar, they believed (along with the Egyptians, and Aztecs of the time) that they could gain authority and predict the future through the sky. The Mayans knew how to read the cycles of the Moon and Venus better than anyone in this time period (about 300-800 A.D.). I, for one, am a firm believer in reading the sky. 
What would you do if it was your last day on Earth?


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  1. On my last day on Earth I would die earlier than expected. I'd be completely reckless. I'd do everything I've wanted to do that I was afraid could kill me.