Saturday, December 1, 2012

50 Reasons Why You Aren't A "Drunk Idiot"

For my boyfriend-- he's having a bad day.

1) Everyones an idiot when they're drunk
2) When I'm drunk, I want nothing more than Beyonce's butt
Unrelated reasons:
3) You pull off "the naked man" very well
4) Your "forced smile" is the equivalent to the feeling I get when I see a very cute puppy on the street
5) The face you get when you play video games is priceless
6) How positive you are for me is reassuring
7) Your arms/hands/face/everything. Need I say more?
8) You only eat pasta, but are willing to try things that the average person wouldn't when I offer
9) You share my love for Christmas music
10) You planned out our first kiss (or at least made it seem like you did) and its pretty much the highlight of my life so far
11) You're a cat and dog person ( even if you say squishy-faced dogs aren't cute)
12) You give the best massages ever
13) You tell me all the time that you're a dick, but really, you're a twilight lover and I think "team Jacob" as well
14) You're so amazing when you perform it blows my mind sometimes
15) Even if you hog all the blankets, I don't mind having to snuggle closer to you to keep warm
16) Its cute in an odd sort of way, how you get crumbs clear across the room when you eat
17) Its also cute (and frustrating) how you won't admit you're tired even if you're snoring
18) I sleep better than ever when I sleep next to you
19) You have no idea what coffee tastes like and you're ok with that
20) You still have the ability to make me feel so nervous and shy whenever you look at me
21) You're an artist of many sorts
22) You can still make me smile even if I'm half-way across the country
23) You make "cuddle stations" for us
24) I could wear gigantic heels and you'd still be the perfect amount taller than me
25) You show me the weirdest videos ever and I love them
26) You quote South Park every day and are so enthusiastic about it
27) I have the best time ever just riding the train home with you
28) You are the best pillow ever
29) You take interest in my obsessive tea collection
30) You wrote a song for me and it was beautiful and it's my favorite
31) You give me directions almost every day because I navigate like a drunk person when im completely sober
32) I admire so many things about you
33) You're a vampire and can't handle the sunlight
34) You love your family and your family loves you
35) You have adorable freckles
36) You laugh obnoxiously when you watch funny shows and it warms my heart
37) I feel comfortable telling you just about anything
38) You're actually scared of scary movies
39) it gives me the chance to take over being super man (or woman in my case) for you
40) You hate when I have problems but still try to help
41) You're completely insane in the morning and I love it
42) You scare your cat in the best way
43) Your voice is so gentle and soothing
44) You wake up and start the shower for me if I'm too weak
45) Your clothes almost always match in a not gay at all way
46) You still offer to carry my things even if I always say no
47) You're my big kitty
48) You have so much bouncy energy and it makes me so happy
49) You put up with me complaining about my useless winter cloves
50) I know you'll cheer up soon, because you don't stay angry long and I'm about to send you a video of a mustache

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