Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Resolution

Everywhere I've gone lately, all I hear is people complaining about how miserable they are but they don't try to change it for whatever reason. Now, I know there are circumstances where you simply don't have a choice, but then theres just the fear of taking action. I try to live my life like I'm going to die tomorrow (metaphorically of course). It sounds cheesy, but it works for me. I literally have zero social life and I never leave work it seems like, but I try to do something on my bucket list as often as possible (I have an extremely long list), and something for myself every day... Even if it's making fried chicken seasoned with ten pounds of cumin before I go to bed. I tend to be overly optimistic about everything, and let myself down a lot, but I think it makes me who I am. I know I may not even live to be middle aged, not to sound morbid, but I need to keep pushing forward. So heres my second resolution; I won't do anything that doesn't make me happy. Done deal.

A few things on my list that I haven't completed: travel as many places as I can fit, go skinny dipping, go sky diving, swim with the whales, catch the bouquet at a wedding, go a whole day without hurting myself, dive off of a HUGE cliff, surf pipe, go camping, witness an eclipse, find Aries in the sky, go horseback riding on the beach, swim across the English Channel,  learn a language, perform as a street musician, climb Mount McKinley, learn to clog, swim with sharks, see a polar bear in person, go paragliding, fly a plane, ride the Trans-siberian Railway, go train hopping, ride a dune buggy through the   desert, volunteer in a third-world country, go to the opera house in Sydney, write a novel, go to an Anna Sui fashion show, learn to snowboard, see the Monalisa, meet the Dalai Lama, spend a whole day eating and listening to tunes in New Orleans, witness New Years Eve on Times Square in New York City, gamble and win in Las Vegas, go on a cruise, learn to sail, go to the Super Bowl, experience tears of joy, experience a "movie kiss", be a beach bum for any amount of time. 

The list goes on and on and on. :)


  1. Take a look at this comic, this post reminded me of it: http://i.imgur.com/0T5c6.jpg

    I like your resolution, it's inspiring. I've met many people that say things like you do, they think optimistically but they don't act out their philosophies as much as they think they do.

    Your list is great, we have many of the same mutual goals. I'll help you cross some of those things off your list if you want.

    Bucket list sounds depressing to me, if I named my list I would call it "the things I'm going to do ASAP list".

  2. That comic is super depressing... See! I don't wanna be like that!

    Agreed, which is why i'm gonna take action! >:D

    I would like that :). Also, I like your list name better. I'm gonna borrow it for a while.