Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Years Resolution- Early

After reading an article on about women who are too picky (it had a list of the signs), I actually started to feel bad about how I treat guys. I mean, they can't all be jerks, right? So i'm making a pact: I will go an a date with EVERY guy that asks me out (excluding creepers and guys over 25) and post about it listing at least 3 good things about the date. For now, there's no guarantee on a second date, but that may be my next resolution? We'll see how it goes.

***Names will be changed

(And no, this blog will not solely be focused on my love life, or lack of, I just got on the topic tonight after a friend asked me to explain the "friend zone" to him. Perhaps I'll start a career as a love guru. Not.)

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