Monday, March 12, 2012

My Take On Buddhism

I'm just gonna dive right in and not even bother telling you how or where I came up with this, because I'm not too sure myself.

So, basically, I think whole reasoning behind Buddhism is that it's built around this concept of teaching people a lesson through metaphors and reverse psychology. The reverse psychology is this: From my perspective, they're basically telling you that in order to achieve true happiness and nirvana is to literally feel nothing; that all these other emotions are getting in the way. Really though, this stands as a sort of riddle, and we're supposed to realize from this that there is no such thing as true happiness, because without all these other emotions we can't truly FEEL happy; we wouldn't know the difference. So, all these monks are really just some dudes that didn't solve the riddle and are left in the dark, still searching for the nirvana that will never come.

Note: If anything, this isn't the legit teachings of Buddhism (which is likely), but I at least learned a little something from it... So, it's totally cool if you're Buddhist.

Why yes, I am a philosopher. No, I am not drunk. Tut tut. :)

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