Saturday, September 15, 2012

Girl Dictionary For Dummies

Let's face it, not even a team of girls could write a dictionary on what girls mean, but here are some basics for you sad fellows who haven't caught on yet. Hint: We rarely mean what we say.

It's simple,

Yes: No
Maybe: Yes
No: Maybe

Good? Moving on...

We need to talk: You did something wrong and you should run for the hills.

Go ahead: I don't want you to

Are you listening to me: You're already dead. Leave and return with flowers

I don't know: I do know and I want to talk about it, but I want you to ask me to

Don't worry about it: You should definitely worry about it

I'm tired: It's cuddle time

I'm cold: It's cuddle time

Let's watch a movie: It's cuddle time

I look fat: Nothing you say will be the right answer. Leave and return with flowers

I like your shirt: Let's have sex

I'm going to assume a guy dictionary would be much simpler. Enjoy! ^.^

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