Saturday, September 29, 2012

Disaster Date Number Five

It's 7:31 and I just walked away from my date, which started about 25 minutes ago. I know, because I was staring at the clock tick by with every arm flex and filthy word that spilled from his disgusting mouth. I assure you , I'm not being dramatic.
This guy was so stuck on himself, I found it difficult to hold back the vomit working its way up my throat. And to top it off, he decided to plant a big one on me after confessing how in love I was with him (or so he thought). To quote him: "I can see it in your eyes that you want me and you can't stab it". There are many ways I would had liked to respond to that, but I just decided to tell him I had a family emergency. I then preceded to find the nearest restroom so that I could brush my teeth after that awful mouth-to-mouth encounter.
Someone needs to tell me what I can change about myself so that I don't attract these kinds of men. -_-

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