Friday, January 10, 2014

TGIF And I'm At Home

It's a Friday night in the city -- I'm young, I'm employed, I'm loved; what better way to spend my evening than rolling up in my favorite blanket with my laptop, a bowl of ice cream and my roommate Brittany, fantasizing about being financially stable?

It got me to thinking about what I would actually do if I all of a sudden came upon a large sum of money. Would I use it responsibly?

Here's what I'd do, in order of importance:

  • Find a sick vacation deal online and invite a few close friends
  • Pay on the spot for said trip
  • Write a check for mine and Brittany's rent for the remainder of our lease
  • Browse for a better apartment in the south loop
  • Call my parents and tell them I'm sending my brothers to private school 
  • Lay down in bed for a couple hours and not sleep because I'm way too excited
  • Get up, get ready and take an Uber SUV to breakfast 
  • Call about my student loans and pay those off
  • Laugh for 10 minutes after hearing the shock in their voice when I say I'm paying thousands out of pocket
  • Take my cat, in an Uber SUV, to finally get fixed and get the rest of her shots
  • Pick up that guy I like and tell him we're going on a stay-cation and not to work
  • Order Champagne and waffles via room service
  • Sleep in until noon
  • Renew my passport for the friend vacation
  • Plan accordingly
What would you do?

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