Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Icky Ticks

I was thinking today about all the things people try to hide about themselves in order to seem more appealing to the public. What about being appealing to ourselves? So, with that being said, I think to make my way toward self-happiness, I need to have a one-on-one honesty session with myself.
So what do I try and hide far back in my mind... **these are my confessions** la la la...

Due to my experience from watching the popular horror movie, The Grudge, I now have to look inside my shower every time I enter and exit the bathroom for fear that the "Grudge girl" will be there

I do that obvious girl thing where I'm always scared or cold just because I want to be held for no reason... Even if it's 90 degrees at a Justin Bieber concert, you can count on me being cold and scared

When I was a kid I told everyone at school that I was adopted and that's why I couldn't have anyone over after school. Which didn't make any sense, but worked, because I got to go to everyone else's house instead and eat all their food

I like men solely based on their accents and sense of humor. Russell Brand totally wouldn't be as hot of he wasn't British and wasn't ridiculously funny

I take up activities you would typically see an old single woman doing (such as knitting) when I'm going through a period of unemployment

I prefer abnormal relationships due to me lack of skill to keep myself interested. It's like after the chase is over, my life is meaningless.

I find myself people watching, not only to observe their sometimes odd behavior, but to pick out which people have a real Burberry scarf on or not. I take great pride in knowing the difference

Just looking at something made of pressed wood (such as a wooden cooking spoon or a Popsicle stick) makes my teeth hurt to the point where I need to take a few Advil afterward and think happy thoughts

I can't go longer than an hour without applying Chapstick and if I don't have any, I will spend my last dollar to buy a new one, over food

I will pay my bills late just so I can buy a new coat or pair of shoes that I think I need, but really don't

Well, that's all for tonight. Enjoy ^.^

Also, for an update. I did tell so and so that I wanted to date him the same night I wrote my last post, and we are now dating. How's that for good news?
Goodnight, All.

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