Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spill Your Soul

I just realized that I can see how many people view each post on my page... I really need to learn how to properly use the websites I have accounts on. Anyway, I was surprised to see how many people actually read my posts. It honestly makes me feel slightly uncomfortable that all these people are inside my head, but I'm the one who makes my thoughts public. I just can't hold anything in... Which is partly the main purpose of this post.
Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't tell people the things I do. I always say that if you have something on your mind just get it out, but I get so nervous before hand. That must be a sign that I should keep things to myself right? This morning I actually called my mom to tell her that I wanted to move... Which I definitely shouldn't have told her because my parents are totally against me moving anywhere they don't like themselves. I suppose I shouldn't be scared to tell people whats on my mind though.
Also, I'm not a big fan of Spirit Airlines; It truly was a low budget flight. The seats were so close together that I couldn't put my legs down all the way and I got seated between two very large, very smelly people for a four hour flight. I felt like a creeper as well because I was nearly in the guys lap next to me trying to see out the window... He should have just traded me seats. That would've been lovely. I think I will definitely pay the extra money for a good seat next time.
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Side note: I didn't need my pro/con list like I said I did. I made my mind up this morning. It's like when I go to a restaurant and pick what I want to eat, I hurry up and close the menu so I don't change my mind... I feel sort of like that. Mostly because I know that no matter what, someone will disagree with my choices.  But I need to start living for myself and not other people.

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