Saturday, June 9, 2012

Third Wheel: Extreme Edition

I came home yesterday afternoon to my crazy neighbor fighting with her boyfriend (or ex boyfriend?). I'd been told about her before I moved in, but didn't actually witness the craziness until now. First she threw her potted plants at him from atop the balcony, then she paced the hallway banging on my windows yelling for me to come outside. Out of fear that she would break the windows or the door, I came out and asked her if she needed any help. Bad idea. She dragged me to the end of the staircase and made me stand there while her and her boyfriend yelled across the parking lot... I'm not sure what help she thought I was to her by just standing there, but I just slowly disappeared back into my apartment and bolted the door. 
I went out to dinner last night, came home, and the cops were here trying to calm her down. 
Woke up this morning and she's outside my window yelling at him on the phone. 
Why am I always put into these situations? Let's just all be nice...

In the meantime, enjoy this funny photo I found :)

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